Invincible Eight

There are a number of things that contributed to making this a fairly tiresome film for 120 minutes of its 135 minute running time. The main problem is that the Invincible Eight are far from invincible. In every fight until the final one, they get pretty badly beaten up. Then when they confront the main villain, they need all eight of them to subdue him.
Han Ying Chieh
Another main problem is that this film had no sub-titles. It was kind of nice not having to hear some torturously bad dubbing, but there is a lot of talking going on in this film and I may as well have been on Mars for all I understood of the plot.  In fact there was way too much conversing for a film with a title like this has. I felt like I was at my grandmothers when I was a child and having to sit around and listen to the adults chat for hours until I finally got to eat the apple pie. Thatís how painful it is getting to the final fight.
One of the Eight - Miao Ker Hsiu - aka Nora Miao
So since I have no idea what the story was about besides the fact that these eight individuals seem to be a bit miffed at some fellow Ė and finally join forces to fight him. Thatís it. Thatís all I could understand. So lets focus on the action and on Angela Mao.
Angela looks great in this film. She has wonderful fashion sense here and wears this headpiece that is sort of kung-fu meets the flying nun. I didnít realize for much of the film that she is disguised as a male. She does this in a few films and all I can say is that either people must have been very unobservant in those days or there were a lot of very feminine guys running around. Of course most of us donít view an Angela Mao film for fashion tips Ė itís watching her in action that gets our blood boiling. There is not a lot of blood boiling material here. In a few scenes she has brief fights utilizing her fan and then in the big finale she sort of gets lost in the crowd. A major disappointment especially considering how poorly the other so called Invincible Eight fight.
None of the individual fights are very compelling. Basically Pai Ying and his minions surround them and whip them into submission (look for Sammo as one of the white clad whippers). When they do fight, they look so slow that I think I could take them with my tennis racket on a good day. Not exciting stuff. In the end there is a good fight as the eight of them storm the castle of the bad guys, slice their way through the minions, take on Pai Ying and then finally Han Ying Chieh. It is worth mentioning that one of the Invincible 8 is Nora Miao of Bruce Lee fame.
This is a fairly early Angela Mao film Ė before her classics Ė so donít expect a lot.
Pai Ying