Sting of the Dragon Masters aka When Taekwondo Strikes

Angela Mao has the fire in her eyes in this film and is allowed to go the full measure in her fighting scenes. She has a number of fights and is absolutely tremendous in them. The look that she gets when she goes for the death blow is quite something to see.
The film takes place in Korea during the period of Japanese occupation. A small group of Korean rebels under the leadership of Jhoon Rhee are training in the martial art of Taekwondo to fight the Japanese. As in most of these types of films, the Japanese are portrayed as evil monsters.
Jhoon Rhee about to dispatch a Japanese
Angela Mao and her mother run a restaurant and though she is Chinese, she sympathizes with the plight of the Korean people and certainly has no love for the Japanese. She is asked by Jhoon Rhee to do them a favor and is soon involved in the action. She comes face to face with Sammo Hung who plays one of the Japanese henchmen. Poor Sammo, he gets kicked around more than an old soccer ball in this film. At one point he even gets a big chunk of his leg bitten off..
Sammo looking his meanest
Angela is absolutely fierce in this film, especially in a scene in which the Japanese hurt her mother. Itís a great fight as Angela is surrounded by a roomful of Japanese with drawn swords. She flicks her ponytail behind her and goes to work. Need I say who leaves the room still standing? She puts the art of Hapkido to good use in this and other excellent fights.
My money is on Angela
Other than Angelaís scenes, much of the rest of the film is fairly mediocre. The dubbed dialogue is almost painful to listen to and the music belongs in soundtrack hell. But for Angela it is well worth it.