Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars

This time around in the third entry of the Lucky Star series the boys are up to their usual shenanigans – chasing women and helping out the police. Sammo Hung once again takes the director reins and he keeps the formula in place – a large share of nonsensical comedy along with some amazing action scenes. Much of the comedy limps along, but there is one inspired if juvenile sequence that is quite funny. The action again is very clever and very exciting. Everyone (Sammo, Richard Ng, Stanley Fung, Eric Tsang) is back in this one with the exception of Charlie Chin who is replaced by near lookalike – Miu Kiu Wai.

Sibelle Hu returns as well and escorts the group on a vacation to Thailand where they spend their time vainly hunting down female prey. Richard Ng even goes so far as to visit a Thai witch doctor (Wu Ma) and gets a love doll that will allow him to seduce any woman. He tries this on a group of four women (Sandra Ng and Kara Hui Ying-Hung among them) and you should be able to guess the result. He ends up naked – but not exactly as he had planned!

It turns out that Sibelle really brought them to Thailand to protect a witness – and to tell poor love struck Sammo that she really doesn’t care for him. She just used him in My Lucky Stars to save Yuen Biao. They fail in their mission to protect the witness (Melvin Wong) as he is killed in a wonderful sequence when he is para gliding. Three assassins bring him down with machine guns and then finish the job with a bazooka. I knew para gliding was dangerous, but that’s ridiculous! Before he dies though, he tells Sibelle that he sent a letter to HK with evidence. So the boys return to HK.

Don't go para-gliding without one !
Before that though is the classic scene in which Sammo takes on what initially appears to be six lovely Thai ladies – but upon closer inspection turn out to be six deadly lady-boys.
The person that Melvin Wong sent the letter to was Rosamund Kwan – looking very lovely in a short fashionable hairdo. In order to protect her, they stow her with the Lucky Strikes. Oh no, here we go again – five guys and a girl. Rosamund isn’t worried though as she confides in Sibelle – “they are just sheep in wolves clothing”.
Sibelle and Rosamund
One sequence did crack me up as the boys create an illusion of the house being on fire so that they can get Rosamund to lie in a bath full of water – using a straw to breath – in her nightie. Silly but funny.
John Sham one of the original Lucy Stars makes a reappearance as a friend of Rosamunds – and upon being called Curley – his name in that one – he corrects them – his name is Wormgrass!
Once this required silliness is done with, it is on to some great action. There are two scenes in particular that are just terrific. The first is when Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and a very young looking Andy Lau raid a factory. Fortunately for us there is poison gas on the premises and so they can’t use their guns. This leads to a wonderfully acrobatic fight in which the three of them battle a room full of bad guys – and as usual Dick Wei is one of them.
The finale though is one of my favorite action scenes. Jackie, Yuen and Sammo do one on ones with the three assassins – Richard Norton and Yasuaki Kurata being two of them – and all the fights are mini-masterpieces. Sammo in particular shines (hey, it is his series!) as he first takes on Norton
and then in the classic scene duels Kurata branding a pair of knives with a pair of tennis rackets (Sammo being the purist he is – of course uses wooden ones).
Michelle Yeoh has a small cameo – three minutes – but it is quite enjoyable as she plays a judo instructor and does a demonstration with Richard Ng and then Sammo.
Keep a close eye on the very final scene. The boys are waiting for an elevator and out comes a myriad of actors. See how many you can find. I caught Moon Lee, George Lam, Charlie Chin and Natalis Chan.

In comparing this one to the previous Lucky Star films, I would rank it slightly below Winners and slightly above My Lucky Stars. All three have tremendous action and so it comes down to the humor being the difference. There were some funny bits in Winners, nothing really in MLS and then this one did have a slight upbeat in the comedy.

My rating for this film: 7.5