Magnificent Warriors (In the Line of Duty 2)

In this third film of Michelle Yeoh's, she is a fighting whirlwind as she takes on the Japanese invading army in China during the 1930's. This is a big film directed on a big canvass with a large cast and big ambitions.

It is very much influenced by the Indiana Jones films with Michelle's character as an adventurous swashbuckling woman Almost ready to shoot down a Japanese Zerothat can tame any man with or without her bullwhip. with bullwhipHer mission is to contact a Chinese agent in the small town of Kaal set in the hinterlands of China. Once there she teams up with him (Derek Yee), a small town hustler (Richard Ng) and the ruler of Kaal to fight the Japanese. One might think this was not exactly an even fight and you would be right as Michelle and company drive them out of Kaal! But then the Japanese come back in a large force to retake the town and it is necessary for the entire town to fight them with tricks and stones and arrows against the armaments of the Japanese. A brutal fight follows almost in Zulu like fashion.

A terrific film in many ways. With the exception of some humor from Richard Ng this is almost a nonstop action film. There are some truly amazing scenes with Michelle as she takes on large numbers with her kung fu and whip and anything else that is at hand. The intricacy of these action scenes is amazing, but they are so fast moving that you can't really take it all in on the first viewing.

One weakness of the film is that there is such a focus on keeping the action moving that there is very little attention paid to character development. Very little is learned of these characters until they are strung up and about to be executed. Then in that typical about to be executed small talk manner, we learn a bit about their backgrounds (don't worry they escape!).Whats your favorite color?

After completing this film, Michelle married the head of the company that had produced her films Poon Dickson andretired from the film business until they were divorced some years later. One can only wonder how many great films she could have made in her five-year absence.