Wonder Seven

Now why would someone hire Michelle Yeoh to star in this movie and then focus the script on these 7 other tedious characters. Idiot. The movie radiates & sizzles whenever Michelle is on screen, but withers when she is not - and she is on much too infrequently. This was not a good choice for MY and I have read comments from her that she regrets making it.Michelle looking good in the waterand out of the water

Basically the plot revolves around this special force of seven young people who thwart crime and MY is this sleek elegant mystery women on the bad side of the law. A fair amount of action, but it is only of interest when Michelle is in it. The action finale is well done, but for the most part the film is worth viewing only for Michelle. Michelle is in stunning mode and is just very chic and glamorous throughout.

Does she ever take off those sunglasses?