Black Cat II

I need more than just watching Jade Leung hold a gun to sustain my interest. Not much more, but this film does not do it. It is about the most badly directed film that I have ever seen with a dreadful scatterbrained script that someone should be ashamed about. Whoever wrote this should not be let near pen and paper ever again. How could anyone put tripe like this out there.

 Jade programmed to be almost a zombie like government killer hardly says a word in the entire film, and instead of shooting people, which I think she does with great style, they have her doing a lot of martial arts and she looks pretty bad doing it. And the wire work was just awful too. It makes Jade look like a puppet on a string.

And if you remember, the first  Black Cat ended very abruptly with a big unanswered question. I thought the sequel would answer it, but there is no reference to it. This one also ends abruptly (well actually not abruptly enough!) and I think the producers were thinking BCIII. I don't think so!

My rating for this film: 4.5