Killing Me Hardly

This stars the wonderful Jade Leung , but all I can say is Jade - get  yourself a new agent. She has hit a low point with this one - inept in every way - worse than a straight to video movie. It is absolute crap. We did not need yet another version of Charlies Angels in which Jade plays one of the Angels. Terribly staged fights that seem to usually take place in murky shadowy light. What’s happening to HK action films?? Has it sunk to drivel like this? And Jade - I think she is terrific - but her movies are so inconsistent.  Its a shame because I think she has the looks (perfect face with such entrancing eyes) and physical attributes to be a great "girls with guns" action star. Perhaps it is her misfortune to have arrived on the scene when this genre was dying and in the hands of incompetent directors.

My rating for this film: 3.0