L-O-V-E ... Love

Ok , I will confess straight out that I rented this only because of the plethora of attractive females on the video cover. And the film comes through in this regard in spades. It is the HK beauty pageant No plastic surgery - I prefer vegtablesand we get lots of shots of girls in bathing suits. There are of course the obligatory dweeby guys chasing after them. There are some amusing bits such as when they have the contestants jump and down and their body padding falls out to the floor - this consisting of rolls of tissue, vegetables etc.

The main plot line revolves around the ever fascinating Hsu Chi Hsu Chias one of the contestants who pretends to be a perfect upper-class lady, but whose real working class character comes out at a Pattaya gambling spot Gambling in Pattaya- and the rich guy pretending to be poor who is wooing her.  Fairly mediocre film with the exception of watching the myriad expressions of Hsu Chi. Her face fascinates me. An easy to digest snack of a film.

My rating for this film: 6.5