Till Death Do Us Laugh

Every year the "Strange and Unbelievable Experience Society" gathers one evening and three different speakers tell three true stories of horror. I guess this was a slow year because the tales that are told will definitely not keep anyone awake at night. The first two tales are more comic than scary, but the last tale has a certain element of creepiness to it.
Tale 1 - a boss (Cheung Tat-ming) is constantly abusing an over worked, over harassed timid accountant. The accountant finally decides that he has had enough - but things rarely turn out as planned. Gigi Lai has an interesting role as a man eating cigar smoking female.
John Tang and Liz Kong

Tale 2 - two freshmen come to a university and touch a statue that is supposed to bring bad luck. Afterwards things do begin going askew as one has a toilet explode beneath him while the other meets a mysterious woman who likes to wash her hair in the lily pond. Always a bad sign to watch out for in a woman. There is a bit of a surprise ending but miles away from being scary.

Tale 3 - the lovely Anita Yuen is looking for a house mate to keep her company while her husband is away on business trips. After rejecting many crazies, the radiant Hsu Chi shows up on the doorstep full of smiles and sweetness. What wonderful company she turns out to be - except for the fact that she is a wandering ghost sucking the identity out of Anita. An eerie ending to this tale.

Gigi Lai and Hsu Chi

My rating for this film: 6.5