Deadly Dream Woman

The very stunning Cheung Man has been brought up and trained to be a costumed super hero avenger but in her attempt to destroy a triad member - Ken Lo - she receives a head injury and loses her memory. Up to this point, the film has been an interesting stylish action film - influenced by films like Saviour of the Soul - but then as often happens in HK films it quickly turns the corner into a comedy as Cheung Man is found and taken in by the ever lovely - but conniving Chingmy Yau and her mother Deannie Yip.
Once Chingmy discovers that Cheung Man has great fighting abilities, she of course uses her new found friend to her advantage in taking on all of her enemies. The two of them begin working in a hostess bar where Cheung Man comes into contact again with Ken Lo.
It isn't until she receives a bump on the head though that her memory comes back and she realizes that she must still revenge herself on Lo. She teams up with Chingmy and Jacky Cheung in exacting this. Needless to say both ladies look ravishing in this well stylized if not entirely satisfying film. It has some very enjoyable fast moving action bits, but bogs down from time to time.
I must confess though to a weakness for super heroines in masks - especially ones as breathtaking as Cheung Man is in this fun genre mutating film.

My rating for this film: 6.5