Moon Warrior

Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui & Andy Lau in a slick stylish sword fighting, flying fantasy movie with lots of great wire work and imaginative ideas sprouting up like mushrooms. The movie starts off brilliantly, but then is never able to quite recapture that magic spark during the rest of the film. The scene where Andy is slowly surrounded by moving trees is great.
It has two factions going up against one another in ancient China and Maggie & Anita have to protect the King. Kings just have all the luck! Lau is a common villager who enters into the fray. A porpoise also shows up just for the hell of it to add to the fun. The practice scenes with him and Andy as the credits role at the end are actually quite enjoyable to watch.
One of George Lucas's favorite HK films (take that as you will). Both Maggie and Anita look great in the film. I love Maggie's ensemble.