Vampire Strikes Back

What a bizarre film. Even for a vampire movie. Even for a HK vampire movie.  It was almost incomprehensible. This was possibly due to the subtitles often falling below the screen, but I donít really think that mattered all that much in this case.

But I will try to explain what little I understood anyway. The film starts off in ancient times in a castle and a cute little hopping vampire kid is trapped and being used as bait for his parents. The vampire parents show up and are about to be killed when a good fairy type shows up and saves them - explaining that it is not nice to kill poor vampires. Instead, she transports them to a cave and imprisons them in comfy coffins.  At the same time, this good fairy battles the Evil King who is also a vampire and imprisons him in the cave - but in a not so comfy hole in the ground.

Seven hundred years pass and a Taoist priest (a Lam Ching-Ying lookalike I believe) and his tamed vampires (he tames them to play mahjong with him) wanders into the cave and accidentally frees the Evil King and the vampire family. From that point on there is practically nothing but fighting, flying, magic, monsters and lots of other stuff. People join in the fight on the good side and on the bad side. The vampire family is actually good with the little kid spending most of the film yelling out ďMommy, daddy help meĒ. When some of the bad guys are killed they turn into bats or tarantulas. Strange, but kind of fun.

Now in the HK Database it has Sally Yeh and Amy Yip starring in this film, but if they were their disguises were amazing and how you could disguise the Yipster I canít imagine !