Fire Dragon

A terrific kung fu flying tale that has spectacular fights and great spectacle, but also takes the time to develop the characters and allow the viewer to care about them.

The evil Prince Six is trying to overthrow the current regime and his main weapon of assassination is the Fire Dragon, Brigitte Lin. She has the power to create and throw fire at will along with the usual assortment of other deadly kung fu skills.

A letter evidencing Prince Six's betrayal has come into the hands of Ming and he tries to bring it to the attention of the authorities. Brigitte is given the mission to get it back. In escaping from Fire Dragon, Ming has the letter stolen by Sandra Ng Sandra Ng is going to get her man !, the proprietor of a troupe of entertainers. Sandra has "borrowed" it because she has developed a crush on Ming and does not want him to go. All of Fire Dragon's attempts to find the letter fail so she takes on the identity of an ordinary woman and stays with Ming and the troupe. Once living with these people though she begins to like them and takes on feelings of humanity.
Brigitte Lin
One evening her sister, Snow, who is also a killer for Prince Six comes and murders a few of the innocent troupe and this troubles Fire Dragon a great dealBrigitte with tear . Finally she gets an order from Prince Six to kill the Prime Minister if she wishes to be free from any obligation to him. Will she follow her Master's orders or follow her conscience? Some wonderful flying, sword fighting, special effects, weapons and characters in this film that has more explosions than a Hollywood summer film. Brigitte Lin is stunning in both Fire Dragon and ordinary woman mode.