Ghostly Love

I wonder if sweet Emily Chu (girlfriend in A Better Tomorrow) had any idea that she was in a Cat. III film. It's almost as if two different films were made with a slight connection of the characters.

A lonely traveler in ancient China comes across an urn in a deserted house that has been tipped over and he puts it right. The ghost (Emily) is so appreciative of this act that she comes to the man and sleeps with him for a few nights (no nudity involved). When he finally finds out that she is a ghost it doesn't seem to bother him too much that he has been having sex with a ghost; a dead person. Sort of like in Some like it Hot when Joe E. Brown discovers Jack Lemmon is a male and says "no one's perfect !".

He falls in love of course as everyone does with beautiful ghosts, but she is forcibly engaged to the evil Ghost King. To save her soul he has to go back and bring her urn to her family home and of course the Ghost King isn't too keen on this idea. Some decent atmospheric scenes, good music score and so-so special effects - but not bad over all. Interspersed in this story are various sex scenes that have very little to do with driving the plot along.

Emily Chu - this is a Category III film  ???