I wasn't sure whether to categorize this under action or comedy or horror or create a new category called "What were they thinking of ". There was actually a minute or two at the beginning in which I had hopes for this film, but it peters out quickly in a bog of inertia - only to faintly spring back to life in the last 15 minutes of the film.

Nearly all the action or make that inaction takes place in a small mall - very similar to Sino Centre (without the crowds though - no additional expense on this film) on Nathan Road - that is filled with cubicle sized stores selling pirated vcds and pictures of HK pop celebrities etc. Two clerks of a vcd store, Jordan Chan and his equally slacker minded friend (the very odd looking Sam Lee), along with a couple of female beauticians and a husband/wife store owner get trapped in the mall after closing and discover that there are Zombies in there with them.

When the Zombies bite someone, they too turn into a white faced stiff walking flesh eater. So to a small degree the film does create a bit of pathos, as the humans are zombieized one after another. And the very last scene has an element of sadness as well.  But pathos I wasn't really looking for - a few chills would have been welcome, but there were none to be had in this film.

Even though I found this film as interesting as a stalled freight train, I have to admit that from comments I have read elsewhere most people seem to quite like this film. I can't imagine why ! but give it a shot if you get a chance. I'll be the first to admit that certain types of films are not to my taste and this was one of them.

Jordan Chan and Sam Lee in slacker mode