Timeless Romance

What a strange, but enjoyable film this is. The plot is almost impossible to explain (or understand for that matter) so I won't really try to much. It has elements of fantasy, comedy, drama and gunplay.  Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is a cop near death after being shot and he looks over at a woman on another operating table in the hospital who is dying from suicide (we have also followed her story) and it's a very bizarre case of love at first sight. Their spirits meet for a second - he lives, she doesn't and he chases after her soul to ancient China. Why ancient China I donít really know.

Into this strange mix add Theresa Lee who works for a major bad Triad guy and she is delightful as she goes from cute as a button to proficient gun crazy killer in the blink of an eye. Great production values, some terrific scenes and good performances from all involved. Directed by David Lai who also directed Saviour of the Soul & Mahjong Dragon. There is a rape scene that is extremely graphic and seemed very out of place in this film. A weird film to follow, but so weird that it is fun.