Witch from Nepal

In this peculiar early effort from Chow Yun Fat, he goes to Nepal as a tourist and is chosen unbeknownst to himself to fight the devil and save the world. When he gets back to HK a good witch (Emily Chu, Kit's girlfriend from ABT I & II) comes to show him his powers and how to fight the devil. At first a bit skeptical as you might imagine, CYF slowly becomes aware of his newfound powers.

Not really very scary at all and the special effects though probably good for the time appear pretty weak now. One strange scene that takes place in a graveyard at night with CYF,  a carload of cute little ballerinas in their pink tutus and the evil one was somewhat enjoyable I must say. There is a passionate love scene though between CYF and Emily that seemed very out of place for this film.

My rating for this film: 6.5