God of Gamblers Return

Chow Yun Fat returns in his role as the GOG and though this movie is structurally a bit of a mess, it is very entertaining and much more  high octane than the first GOG.

CYF is now retired, living in a chalet in France with his new wife who looks exactly like his old one. Wong Jing, the director, must enjoy doing bad things to Cheung Man. Early in this film, she meets a horrible fate at the hands of a gambler who wants to force CYF to come out of retirement and gamble with him so that he can claim title to GoG.

Before she gasps her last breath, Cheung Man makes CYF promise that he will not gamble or seek revenge for one full year. I don't know why, but she does. In the ensuing year, CYF wanders the world and bides his time. In his journey he meets up with Tony Leung and Wu Chien-lien who help him escape from the mainland and then later with Chingmy Yau as the daughter of a Taiwanese triad member and she too is seeking revenge against the same man as CYF is.

The big gambling showdown does come and it is wonderfully staged. Lots of action and great performances from Wu Chien-lien as the woman in love with her fantasy GOG - but not knowing that CYF is in fact that man; Chingmy as the seductive, but deadly women out to revenge her family and of course CYF - always playing it cool but looking for revenge as well. Tze Miu the amazing kid from My Father is a Hero is in this one as well.

My rating for this film: 8.5