God of Gamblers

Chow Yun Fat is incredibly charismatic as the greatest gambler in the world with hair slicked back and dressed impeccably. No matter what the game - he is supreme and always suave; hence his title as the God of Gamblers.

In an accident he is hurt and not only loses his memory but becomes as simple as a child. Andy Lau & Joey Wong who are two semi lowlifes trying to make a living at gambling find him in this innocent state . They have no idea that CYF is the GOG (as he has never had his picture taken) , but soon find out that he has an innate ability to gamble as long as he receives his favorite chocolates and they exploit this to the fullest. His enemies though learn of his child like state and go after first his girlfriend (Cheung Man) and then CYF.

I liked parts of the movie; in particular when CYF was in his GOG mode, but I thought the middle section with him as an idiot savant went on for way too long and I was not particularly interested in the Lau and Wong characters. Many consider this to be one of CYF 's best movies, but I actually like the sequel much better. There is a small but memorable role for Michiko Nishiwaki as one of the gamblers. 

My rating for this film: 7.5