She Starts Fires

I sure wish I could find this film with some subtitles. It looks like this comedy was a lot of fun, but I know I missed much of it.. Besides a very lovely Chingmy Yau there is what seems to be a wonderful catty relationship between Deannie Yip and DoDo Cheng - two of the funnier HK actresses.
Chingmy, Deannie and Do Do
Without the subs I must admit to being a bit lost - but here goes. Chingmy arrives in HK to stay with a relative (Deannie) dressed in the in the chic little red with white polka dot number pictured above. She has a Marilyn Monroe moment when she stands over an air vent and her dress goes sky high. This is witnessed by Lawrence Cheng (who always seems to get stuck in dweeby yuppie roles) and like any red or blue blooded man would - he falls immediately in love with Chingmy.
And as only the movies would have it, he coincidentally turns out to be the landlord where Deannie lives. Also under the same roof is DoDo Cheng and the two of them go at one another with their claws barely concealed. Soon enough - Lawrence and Chingmy are in love, but there are many problems ahead - most of which I didn't understand what so ever! I should also mention that Chingmy cannot only light a fire in a man's heart, but is able to literally light a fire anywhere. She has these supernatural powers that come in very handy for barbecues and card playing.
Even without subtitles and being confused as to why everyone seems to be getting kidnapped, this film was very easy on the eyes. Chingmy looks radiant throughout and has a nifty ensemble to wear - the hotpants of which it looks like she borrowed from the set of Naked Killer!

My rating for this film: 6.0