Naked Killer

This is a classic HK film for many good reasons. Whether you hate it or love it, this is still a film that can’t be ignored. It is deliriously trashy, high camp, outrageously seductive, in sublimely bad taste – but it pulses with so much energy, style and pizzazz that it is impossible to turn your head away. Wong Jing creates a wildly colored canvass of garish colors, beautiful people, jazzed up fashions and gaudy death.
Lesbian killers, detached organs, demented rapists, poisoned lipstick, impotency and kinky sex is mixed together by Wong to create a glossy Technicolor wet dream. Chingmy Yau looks like a luscious fresh piece of cheesecake in red hot pants and she just jumps off the screen under your skin and into your palpitating heart. This film deservedly made her a star. Carrie Ng at her lipsticked best is delightfully and deliciously evil and perverse. Both of these are just completely sensual and over the top performances.
The movie centers on a group of professional female killers that take particular pleasure in killing and emasculating abusive men. They just don’t kill though, they do it with style and aplomb – its an art form to these women – you just don’t kill, you have to look good doing it. In their hands hats, scarves, barbells, high heel shoes are all deadly weapons.
A triad boss (Ken Lo) kills Chingmy’s father and the following day she just swishes into his office shooting everyone in sight. Twenty or so dead bodies later, she is rushing away with another twenty gun toting guys in close pursuit. It so happens that Sister Cindy (Yiu Wai, Kelly) is in the building as well and she twirls and whips off her dowdy dress to reveal a killer body underneath – literally – as she turns into a killing machine with various articles of clothing. She is a professional killer and takes Chingmy on as her student.
Training consists of killing rapists locked in the basement, dressing well and allowing Sister Cindy to lovingly caress her body. Simon Yam is put on the case – but he has problems of his own – since accidentally killing his brother he can’t hold a gun without vomiting and he has become impotent. Chingmy cures him of both! After passionate love making, Chingmy turns to him and says, “We have conflicting jobs. One of us must give theirs up”. Good thinking!
Sister Cindy had another student once – Carrie Ng – but now Ng and her purring spoiled little female plaything, Baby (Svenwara Madoka), have turned against her and are out to kill both Sister Cindy and Chingmy. Ng and Baby are divinely insane – making love in a bloody swimming pool after killing someone in it minutes before.
This film is all fabulous splashes of color and style – images fly by in stunning fashion – women have never looked so beautiful, so well attired and so deadly before. It is so kinetic and wild and fun that it is still a landmark in HK film. It is Wong Jing’s finest work and though he has tried he has never been able to recapture the vitality and sense of style that this film has.

My rating for this film: 9.0

DVD Information

There are two versions out there – make sure you get the Mega Star/Media Asia version that has a picture of the menu on the back of the DVD. The transfer on this film is gorgeous – Chingmy and Carrie Ng practically sizzle on the screen. The colors are so vibrant and in this film that is so essential to fully appreciate it.

This has some additional scenes as well I have heard – though I only noticed one with Chingmy and Sister Cindy lying on a chaise lounge with Sister Cindy slowly touching Chingmy’s body. It’s a great scene.

9 Chapters

Trailers for this film (that alone is fabulous and has scenes not shown in the film – where are they? – they are great looking ) plus Black Cat I & II, Moment of Romance and a compilation of other films. This compilation of stunning images from various films made me think what a glorious film someone could make of doing nothing but editing together incredible scenes from different films to a great soundtrack.

Sub-titles in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and none.

Received the following e-mail from Philip Morley with some more information on additions to the Naked Killer DVD.

Just thought I would drop a quick email to highlight further additional scenes in the FULL version of Naked Killer. I wish to point out that I draw my comparisons between the original UK video version (same as original HK version, which was claimed as uncut in the UK) and the FULL DVD version as mentioned on your site.

Yes, the main difference I noticed is the Chaise Lounge scene, however, various other violent scenes have gained additional footage. The opening murder for instance. The video version shows Carrie Ng bashing the victim’s head with the dumb bells. The DVD version shows the same but with an additional explosion of blood from the victim’s head.

The scene where the detectives are at the murder scene has far more footage including the eating of the victim’s penis when mistaken for a cold sausage.

In the scene where Chingmy goes to the bank to kill her father’s killer, again additional footage in the ensuing violence has emerged. The stabbing of Ken Lo's character to the groin is more graphic showing spurts of blood. Also, missing from the video is when Chingmy is held on the sofa and kicked several times to the groin area.

As I said the comparison is to the UK video. This stated on the box as being the original UNCUT HK version, and included the infamous bleeping on the (Cantonese) soundtrack. The DVD version I believe, although not stated on the box is effectively a Directors cut.