My Neighbors are Phantoms

There are three very impressive things going for this film and they are Chingmy Yau, Cheung Man and Amy Yip - what more could you ask for! Well actually besides that, this film has some very funny entertaining moments. It is one of the better comedy/ horror films to come out of HK in my opinion and I enjoy it more on each viewing..
Chingmy and her sister start to notice that the new neighbors are a bit peculiar - such as throwing decapitated heads out of their window - and soon begin to suspect that they are ghosts. Which in fact they are, having just escaped from a picture in which they had been imprisoned by a Taoist monk for 50 years. Now they have to suck the blood of 49 humans to go north  (whatever that means).
Chingmy, Amy Yip, Natalis Chan and a few others decide to take matters into their own hands and defeat the ghosts. They receive the help of a Taoist priest who gives them a number of spells and magic weapons, but these ghosts are pretty powerful and one has a very very long tongue! Much of their battle against the evil spirits is very funny and quite clever. Finally Natalis Chan has to take on the spirit of Bruce Lee to fight the phantoms.
Cheung Man
Lots of fun special effects, the biggest of course which belong to Amy who is a girlfriend of a cop in this and gets to pummel someone with her assets and has some other very funny scenes. Cheung Man is very lovely here and plays one of the phantoms, but falls in love with a human. Lots of silly fun and it looked as if the actors were enjoying themselves.

My rating for this film: 7.0