Lawyer Lawyer

Unless putting chicken wings up your rectum and eating it later strikes you as extremely good humor, this effort from Stephen Chow will dismay you. It is really just dreadful relying almost entirely on rectal humor or things of equally bad taste. It takes place in 1899 and Eric Kot, a protégé of Chows is framed for murder. Chow has to defend him in the British ruled HK court system. Its so bad I don't know what to say ; certainly the worst thing I have seen from Chow. And some bits are very insulting to Indians as well - i.e.. Kot is tortured by putting his head under an Indian's armpit.

There is I will admit one (and only one) funny bit when Chow comes up with this Rube Goldberg scheme to kiss Chingmy Yau through a hole in the wall, while Kot thinking he is the one kissing Chingmy is actually chewing on a pig's tongue. Chingmy & Karen Mok are totally wasted in this effort along with everyone else. And Eric Kot? - could anyone be a worse or a more irritating presence - he makes the Jerry Lewis characters seem rational and well adjusted by comparison.