Fight Back to School III

I actually found the third go here of this series to be the funniest one by far (though from other comments I gather that I am in the minority). The scene opens with a woman killing a man in bed ala Fatal Attraction, then goes to a hilarious scene in a hospital with Stephen Chow. His assignment in this one is to impersonate the dead man who miraculously is the splitting image of Chow.

The dead man's wife turns out to be the wonderfully sultry Anita Mui who is a lascivious lesbian who likes to dress up in schoolgirl uniforms. Anita also does a Basic Instinct parody in the police station that most people can probably guess at. Cheung Man is still playing the beautiful girlfriend here hoping to get Chow to marry her. The balance in this film rightly shifted away from action towards humor with great results.