Girl with the Diamond Slipper(aka Modern Cinderella)

Wong Jing (who also directed) and Natalis Chan are two very mediocre thieves who get lucky one night when they break into a house to rob it. The owner is dying and he hands them a diamond and tells them to give it to his son. Fat chance! Unfortunately, a gang of thieves shows up for the diamond as well and the chase is on. Natalis darts into a shoe store and hides it in a pair of shoes and who should come along and buy them but a very young and lovely Maggie Cheung.
Soon the gang of thieves is after Maggie as well. With Wong Jing and Natalis most of this is obviously played for laughs, but there is some action especially near the end when the killer goes after Maggie with an axe.

Maggie is the main reason to watch this. She has a classic scene that every Maggiephile should see. She plays an aspiring actress and puts on a screen test with a myriad of expressions that is great.