Cherie Chung Pictures

Cherie Chung has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw her in Once a Thief which I found out later was her last film before she retired. Behind those sunglasses, she has such an air of elegance and beauty. Not a sexy beauty, but one more of sweetness and intelligence.

Besides appearing with Chow Yun Fat in Once a Thief, she co-starred with him in six other films. She is also of course one of the three main leads in the incredible Peking Opera Blues. According to Deadly China Dolls, she was born in HK on February 16, 1960 and was "discovered" while working in a toy shop in the Chungking Mansions.

Some of my favorite films of her are Once A Thief, An Autumns Tale, Peking Opera Blues, Wild Search and The Good, the Bad and the Beauty.