People talk about Chingmy not being able to act. To me that's like complaining that Mark McGuire can't bunt. People don't pay to watch McGuire bunt and people don't pay to see Chingmy act. They come to see Chingmy because she is simply the sexiest actress in the world. It's just there - in the way she moves, the way she flirts, the way she smiles. If you don't feel that sexual energy from your seat, I would advise a check-up with your doctor. Have him see if your pulse is still beating.

She has also had the good fortune (due admittedly to her relationship with Wong Jing) to appear in a number of good films along with some great co-stars such as Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li. But she holds her own. My eyes are always following her every move. I would also argue that within the range of films that she chooses - light comedy to cartoon like action to provocative roles- she excels. I think she is a fine comedian and like another Sex Goddess - Marilyn Monroe - I think an appreciation for her acting will surface at some point in the future.