These are the films that I can watch any number of times and never tire of. It is for the most part a very traditional list. In many cases these were the films that made me first become enchanted with HK films and time has not tarnished them in my eyes. As evident from these choices, my preferences lean towards films with style and heart - primarily of the heroic bloodshed or fantasy genres. Most obviously missing from this list are any Jackie Chan films. I started watching his films long after I was already a HK film fan and though I enjoy many of his films - none of them get into my top ten list.

The Killer - it should have been an Italian Opera with it's overwhelming combination of tragedy and romanticism. The graceful almost surreal violence is striking, but it is really the relationship between the Killer, Chow Yun Fat, and the cop, Danny Lee, that pushes this film beyond just a great action film into something deeper as themes of loyalty and honor prevail.

Peking Opera Blues - It took me a few years before I finally watched this film. Somehow the title threw me. I never anticipated such a delirious concoction of action, comedy and heart as Brigitte Lin, Sally Yeh and Cherie Chung team up to save the day.

Heroic Trio - I have watched this film more times than I can remember and each time I am totally sucked into it. Sure its a bit corny, but that's part of it's charm. There are certain parts of the film that I truly love and the women - Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung and Anita Mui magically dominate the screen with their amazing charisma and beauty.

Swordsman II - the first time I was simply awestruck - my mouth agape through much of this film. There is so much going on that at times you feel like you are running just to keep up, but is it ever worth it. Jet Li and Brigitte Lin burn up the screen.

Ashes of Time - a film so complex and yet so hypnotic that you will return to it time after time. It takes many viewings of this film to really understand it and each time you feel you have gotten something else out of it. The cinematography, editing and acting are all amazing. This film is purportedly a sword fighting film, but as in all of Wong Kar Wai's work it is really about love, relationships, loneliness and despair. This is one of the true cinematic experiences of the 90's.

Chungking Express  - Wong Kar-Wai's delightfully charming tale of people not being able to connect or communicate with each other in modern Hong Kong. He utilizes editing and film techniques to tell much of the story, but also gets wonderful performances from Brigitte Lin, Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Faye Wong in this modern day fable.

Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountains - in some ways this film feels a bit dated, but the great charm of Yuen Biao and the memorable characters that populate the story make this a wonderful treat. A great fantasy adventure story for all.

Wing Chun - Michelle Yeoh is sublime in this film. Her serenity and grace seem to be on a level beyond human experience. I have seen audiences stand up and applaud deliriously during the tofu sequence. That is perhaps my favorite 3 minutes of HK film.

Naked Killer - ok - it's trashy; it's prurient; it's deviant - but ooh does it have style and Chingmy Yau makes my heart palpitate in rhythm to her every move. It's called burning a hole through the screen - no one has displayed such confident sexuality since Marilyn Monroe.

Chinese Ghost Story - a wonderfully atmospheric story of death and the power of love as Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong find themselves on opposite sides of the barrier between life and death .