There are still a number of Jet Li films that I have yet to see which will explain their absence from this list. All of the Once Upon a Time films or the Fong Sai Yuk films for a starter. I will certainly see them in the future. Many people in fact list some of those as his very best, but even so the ones listed below certainly showcase his amazing speed, agility and incredible body control along with his wonderful boyish charm.

An excellent overview of Jet's career by Trish Maunder can be located here on the Internet

YTSLís additional picks

Once Upon a Time in China I - This powerful offering packs a punch in the action and dramatic departments, and Jet Liís portrayal of the patriotic -- but not necessarily anti-Western -- Wong Fei Hung lies right at the heart of it.

Once Upon a Time in China II - The first sequel to OUATIC I features more action than the first film of the series (to take advantage of Jet Liís Master Wong having not one but two worthy opponents in the form of characters played by Donnie Yen and Xiong Xin Xin), and thus may well be the most loved by fight fiends of this series of Tsui Hark productions.

Once Upon a Time in China III - A ďmust seeĒ movie for those who are lion dance enthusiasts, this work also has much to offer those (others) who appreciate Jet Liís martial artistic moves and/or boyish charm.

Fong Sai Yuk - No one who sees this often light-hearted feeling kung fu film -- that also has its share of dramatically emotional moments -- will ever accuse Jet Li of being incapable of looking anything other than angry or stone-faced.

Hitman - Seemingly disliked by many Jet Li fans (in part because its headlined star has to share a substantial amount of screen time with other actors, notably Eric Tsang), the sole Hong Kong production in which Jetís real voice can be heard is nevertheless one that I enjoyed viewing (in large part because it has this physically cute guy showing an attractive gentler side to his character than usual).