Woman warriors have long been a staple of HK films. I am not sure whether this tradition is steeped in their history and folk tales or if it is a creation of the movies, but even in the kung fu flicks of the 1960's and 1970's actresses such as Ivy Ling, Angela Mao, Judy Lee, Polly Shang Kwan among others performed in some great fierce action roles.

But it was really in the 1980s, that this genre came into its' own when Michelle Yeoh, Moon Lee, Cynthia Khan, Yukuri Oshima and many others took it to a new realm of over the top violence and stunts. The Girls with Guns genre was born. I love these films. Many of them are totally ridiculous and made on a very low budget but the women have such charisma that I can enjoy watching even the worst of them. Unfortunately, at least for now this genre seems to have passed its peak and is no longer in vogue - but here are a few to get started with.