It is hard to imagine that so much talent could have come out of the same school. But in one of those amazing stars in alignment occurrences Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao all went to the same Peking Opera School at the same time. When they and others from the school performed during that time in theaters they were called The Seven Little Fortunes. Others such as Yuen Wah and Corey Yuen were also at times part of this troupe. But it certainly is Sammo, Jackie and Yuen that have had the most effect on HK cinema. Between the three of them they have been involved in hundreds of films as either actors, directors, producers and fight choreographers. All three are obviously incredibly gifted athletes and to watch them perform their magic in fights or stunts is to wonder how humans can do such things. But their talents go far beyond this - their impact and influence on HK film is immeasurable and still I hope ongoing.