Raid on the Marine Casino

Now that I’ve got your attention! Yes at one time those were the most famous assets in HK; more so than anything on the Hang Seng Index. They also unfortunately were the best things about this film.

With a title like this and knowing the cast, I was expecting a good “girls with guns” outing, but this film is played for fairly low brow laughs. Somewhere in the neighborhood of the Three Stooges where everyone is constantly being slapped, gouged, punched or kicked.

Stanley Fung has been assigned to look for some stolen guns and he is given five rejects of The Super Police Women to assist him. Some of these rejects consist of Amy Yip, Sandra Ng and Kara Hui Ying-Hung. Fung is also married to the ex-head of the SPW – Sibelle Hui – who retired to marry Stanley. In a couple amusing domestic scenes, she tries to keep her husband sharp by always making him climb a rope to their third floor apartment and have their somersaulting Philipina maid throw things at him at the velocity of a Nolan Ryan fastball.

First, Stanley goes through a harsh (but played for laughs) training session with the women and finally they go aboard the Marine Casino where they think the weapons are hidden. The film then sort of forgets its purpose and becomes a gambling film for about 25 minutes until it finally becomes a little action oriented when a group of robbers try to steal the cash on board. Sibelle shows up to save the day.

A few highlights are a great Chinese Ghost Story practical joke, Shing Fui-On doing the Lambada and the Yipster repeatedly lifting up her blouse (nothing really shown) to distract the enemy. This is not a terrible film, but it fell far below my expectations. A good amount of Amy Yip though throughout.

My rating for this film: 6.0

Now thats a scary thought