Vampire Kids
Now who could that be?

Little hopping vampire kids decked out in blue Mandarin outfits are about the cutest thing you will come across in HK movies. You just want to pick one up and give it a hug, except for the fact that it might bite you in the neck!

Anyway, this very mild film is played more for laughs than for chills and it begins with 6 adults struggling onto the beach after their ship has gone down. One of them looks familiar as she lays face down in the sand struggling for breath. As they turn her over, the indentation left in the sand leaves no doubt as to who it is - the Yipster - literally making an impression right from the start!

They find themselves on an island inhabited only by little vampires and some ghoul stuck in a mud wall. Most of this is pretty silly, but actually the little vampires hopping around in those lovely blue mandarin costumes with white faces look pretty cool. In one scene in which they camouflage themselves in green leaves is quite pictorially stunning and could have been scary if that was the directors intent. For some reason Amy Yip is not the focus of this movie and there are no great Yipster moments in it after that initial impression on the beach !

My rating for this film: 6.0

Cute vampire kids looking for lunch