Iceman Cometh

This is a tremendously enjoyable movie with both wonderful action and some great humor starring Yuen Biao, Maggie Cheung & that perennial bad guy Yuen Wah.Yuen Wah - also a Seven Fortune

Yuen Biao is a Royal Guard in the Ming Dynasty who ends up following a killer and rapist, Yuen Wah, into modern day HK. Itís similar to the Malcolm McDowell film "Time after Time" when he follows Jack the Ripper into modern day San Francisco. Anyway, Yuen Biao falls into the clutches of the conniving model/prostitute Maggie Cheung who convinces him that women now rule the world and that he must be her servant. The delighted look on Maggie's face as he rickshaws her through the streets of HK is priceless. Many other gags concerning Yuen's adjustment to the 20th century are quite funny as well. Soon though women are being raped and killed and Yuen B. realizes Yuen Wah is in HK as well and taken up his old ways.

It is a really fun film with unfortunately one rape scene that is much too brutal and realistic for the mood of this film. The fights between YB & YW are excellent as always. One of Yuen's best films.

My rating for this film: 8.5