Films are rated along six scales.  In general, the higher the total (maximum 24), the better the movie.  The first three ratings (A - C) specifically refer to Michiko’s part, the last three ratings (D - F) to the rest of the film.  Some otherwise mediocre (or even poor) movies are nevertherless worth watching for the fight scenes.  Summary evaluations include Highly Recommended, Recommended, and Fight Scenes.  Movies are obviously rated primarily for Michiko fans.  In general, movies rated Highly Recommended are entertaining Asian action films, while others will mostly be of interest only to Michiko fans or those interested in the GWG genre.  Those rated Fight Scenes have excellent Michiko fight sequences in an otherwise mediocre or poor film.

Reviews are organized chronologically, then alphabetically within year.  Only the generally recognized English translation of the original release is listed, together with commonly recognized alternative titles.  Re-released English dubbed titles are not listed.  Neither are numerous alternative titles (typically for the European market).  It should be noted that information on directors should be considered tentative, since Asian productions are often team direction efforts and directors’ names are frequently pseudonyms.

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Film Rating System
Screentime Walk On Brief cameo Cameos Supporting Starring
Fights Absent Poor Pulled Punches Full Contact Intense
Role Minimal Underused Typecast Interesting Intense
Production Cut&Paste Poor Average Above Average Crisp, tight
General Action Absent Poor Pulled Punches Full Contact Intense
Story/Plot Worthless Confusing Formulaic Above Average Dramatic