Film Title
1990 Angel Terminators Highly Recommended
1993 Avenging Quartet Recommended
1993 Big Circle Blues None
1989 City Cops Fight Scenes
1993 City on Fire None
1990 Dragon Fighter (a.k.a. Hard to Kill) Recommended
1993 Fatal Seduction Fight Scenes
1989 God of Gamblers Recommended
1993 Hero Dream Highly Recommended
1988 In the Line of Duty III (a.k.a. Force of the Dragon) Highly Recommended
1991 King of Gambler None
1990 Magic Cop (a.k.a. Mr. Vampire 5) Recommended
1992 Mighty Gambler Highly Recommended
1985 My Lucky Stars Fight Scenes
1990 Outlaw Brothers, The Recommended
1992 Passionate Killing in the Dream Highly Recommended
1989 Princess Madam Highly Recommended
1992 Raiders of Loesing Treasure Fight Scenes
1991 Real Me, The Recommended
1990 Widow Warriors Highly Recommended
1991 Witchcraft vs. Curse None
1993 Whore and Policewoman Recommended
1987 Young Lady Detectives None