Hong Kong Film Posters 2

The Battle of Love
Director: Yueh Feng
Starring: Linda Lin Dai, Zhang Yang, Peter Chen, Nellie Chin Yu (in order of picture)
Production Company: Cathay
Script: Eileen Chang
Nellie Chin Yu was one of Cathay's more famous scriptwriters - The More the Merrier, Her Tender Heart, Too Young to Love, Sun, Moon and Star, A Story of Three Loves being five of the twenty scripts she wrote for Cathay. She rarely acted, but plays the sister of Linda's character here.

The Prince's Romantic Affairs
Director: Tso Kea
Starring: Mui Yee, Cheung Ying, Leung Sing-po
Production Company: Gam Moon

A Beauty in Times of War
Director: Yeung Kung-leung
Starring: Ho Fei-fan, Leung Sing-po, Lan Chi-pak, Mak Bing-wing
Production Company: Chat Choi

The Kingdom and the Beauty
Director: Li Han-hsiang
Starring: Linda Lin Dai, Zhao Lei, King Hu
Production Company: Shaw Brothers
One of the Shaw's first big budget Huangmei Opera's and was a huge success at the box office

Director: Chow See-luk
Starring: Patrick Lung Kong, Tong Dan, Mak Gei
Production Company: Shaw Brothers (their Cantonese division)
Lung Kong was later to become a well-known director with The Story of a Discharged Prisoner and Teddy Girls and the producer of Love Massacre

Cinderella and Her Little Angels
Director: Tong Wong
Starring: Linda Lin Dai, Peter Chen, Dolly Soo Fung, Liu Enjia
Production Company: Cathay
Cute musical romantic comedy - recommended to those who like that genre

Mr. Wong is in His Wife's Dress By Mistake
Director: Wong Hok-sing
Starring: Sun Ma Si Tsang, Fung Wong-nui
Production Company: Yulin Film

Follow the Husband
Director: Chu Gei
Starring: Fong Yim-fen, Law Kim-long (also the producer of the film)
Production Company: Guozhen

Death Traps
Director: Wong Tin-lam
Starring: Helen Li Mei, Roy Chao
Production Company: Cathay
Shot in Macau
So so noir thriller

Torrents of Spring
Director: Doe Chin
Starring: Helen Li Mei, Jeanette Lin Tsui, Tin Ching
Production Company: Cathay
Shot in Macau
Plot: Innocent boy falls in love with young girl but is seduced by older wealthy woman!
For a racy (for its time) publicity shot of Helen Li Mei, click here