Bloody Chainsaw Girl

Year: 2016
Hiroki Yamaguchi
Rating: 6.0/10

This low budget straight to video (I assume) blood splattering gut churning intestine spilling panty revealing film is rather nutty fun if approached with the right attitude. Which is not to take it seriously for a minute of its 76 minute running time. Within the Japanese film world this fits in rather well as they have an entire sub-group of films that are independent, made for video, over the top films filled with gore and lunacy. Think of Machine Gun Girl, Chanbara Beauty, X-Cross or Tokyo Gore Police. Clearly not for all tastes. Especially good ones. These are in their own way the misbegotten grandchildren of the Japanese exploitation films of the 1970's like the Delinquent Girl Boss and Terrifying Girl's High School film series. Lower budgets and less nudity but just as outrageous. The only place they can find a home is in the video market.

Giko (Ryo Uchida) is the school bad-ass - a juvie delinquent as she proudly identifies herself. Skips classes, smokes on the roof and carries a chainsaw with her at all times. The teacher tells her to keep it in a case. It comes in handy one day when she goes to school and discovers that many of her classmates have been turned into mutant cyborgs. And they all want to kill her. Some are now super ninjas of a different sex than they previously were, others metal heads literally with sharp jaws that still talk after being detached and one has been equipped with body parts that shoot weapons - even her er er . . . vagina can shoot missiles.

Giko though has a test to make up if she wants to graduate and so simply saws her way to school leaving body parts in her wake. Nero (Mari Yamachi) was once bullied at school and is now a psychotic evil genius using her skills to turn her previous tormentors into cyborgs. But she wants Giko the most. Based on the manga Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw by Rei Mikamoto that began in 2009. Much to my amazement it appears that not one but two sequels have been made! Never let it be said that good taste drives cinema.