Dragon Blue

Director: Takayo Wada
Year: 1995
Production Company: Gaga Communications
Running Time: 76 minutes

Much of the running time of this reminds you of some Saturday morning children’s fantasy film with a rubber suited monster creating havoc – that is except for the occasional intrusions of nudity filled sex scenes that might send the parents of these children running in terror! It is an odd mixture to say the least and it’s hard to visualize who the audience is for this film except for people who get fooled into seeing it. Neither the sexual exploitation aspects nor the fantasy parts are all that effective but the presence of the very pleasant and attractive Hiroko Tanaka makes this a somewhat painless waste of time.

Mayuko (Hiroko Tanaka) is a feng shui novice whose goofy master seems more interested in her legs than anything else but also recognizes that she has deep yet unrealized powers. An apparition appears to her of a wizard (Junkichi Orimoto) from Edo times who tells her that she is the blood heir of the Clan of Dragon and it is her duty to fight demons on earth. The other good news is that the forces that have been keeping these demons imprisoned are decaying and the earth is in deadly danger. If this was due to the ozone level being destroyed or simply the everyday wear and tear of supernatural force fields was not explored. At any rate Mayuko is less than thrilled to hear this – she just wants to be a normal Japanese girl who sells her panties to make money – oh wait wrong movie. But fate has a way of hooking you in to your destiny panties or no panties.
A feng shui customer shows up at their office to hire them to investigate some strange occurrences on the small island of Tatsunomiya where he lives. Three years ago construction began on a resort and soon afterwards workers began getting sick and people dying – and recently some women were abducted and their boyfriends killed in ghastly fashion. Mayuko arrives to find more dead bodies have washed to shore and one of them with the face of a woman that she had dreamed about. She also meets the daughter of the man who hired her – Satomi – a high school student in love with a teacher – and she takes Mayuko around the island. Even with all these mysterious killings happening, silly couples are still having sex on the beach and sure enough it attracts the attention of this rubber suited sea monster that not co-incidentally looks an awful lot like the monster from the film “Predator”. The reason for this being that it was designed by Steve Wong, who also did “Predator”. This monster seems to double as a peeping tom and likes looking in on couples making it. Give him access to the internet and he would be fine.
Our heroine teams up with a tough looking detective played by Keiji Mutoh who I take it is a big star in Japanese wrestling – he certainly has the build for it, but oddly his acting isn’t as bad as one might expect. The two of them track down the monster in his lair where he is keeping all his female captives – now looking like extras in a vampire movie – to service his sexual needs – and it looks like the sweet and surprisingly busty Satomi is next. Mayuko has to draw on all of those dormant powers to defeat the beast and she sort of transforms into a hybrid human to do so. The action is quite bad – the naked breasts are fairly nice – and there isn’t much more to say about this film except that the detective seems to like a girl who can turn into part lizard – but then don’t we all.

My rating for this film: 5.0