Lady Battle Cop

Director: Akihisa Okamoto
Year: 1990
Rating: 5.0

Onna batoru koppu

This very cheesy but at times fun in the same way those low budget HK films were in the 1980's is a Robocop knockoff from Japan in 1990. The main difference other than the budget and the quality of the actors and the writing and the special effects is that this Robocop is a honey - the extremely cute dimpled Nakamura Azusa. She gets killed by the Cartel that is taking over Tokyo but her dying boyfriend turns her into a revenge seeking killing machine - that oddly still takes showers.

The Cartel has four specialized killers that meet diversity standards thank goodness with a black man, a woman and two of unknown origin. There is also a powerful paranormal muscle man that she has to take on. And a hundred or so minions who are clearly identified as "fodder" in their roles. Not any great action choreography here to see but some fun bits of Robocop being thrown around by the Freakman. And she really has great dimples that you could hide in. It is directed by Akihisa Okamoto, whose better film Yokohama Underworld: The Machine Gun Dragon, I just saw recently.