Eyecatch Junction

Year: 1991
 Takeshi Miike
Rating: 4.5

This is the first Takashi Miike film released (though his second one made). For most of the running time you find yourself asking dubiously "this is a Miike film?". Though it has a few moments of the Miike touch that he is famous for - weird and perverse - it is mainly just slapstick silliness. Goofy as a new born hamster as it wanders around looking for a plot. But to give him credit, some of it was mildly amusing. Of course, Miike does have a some yin and yang going on in his filmmaking - though his extreme films are his most famous he has made a few films that are almost kid friendly - Zebraman, The Great Yokai War, Andromedia, The Happiness of the Katakuris and Ninja Kids. This one is close to that except for a S&M scene, some nudity and few brutal murders. But other than that! The kids will love it!

The film follows the antics of four not very bright police women. In the opening scene the two partners Atsuko and Makoto break up a fight and beat the crap out of one of them - then realize he is the cop Kawamura making an arrest and they both run like hell. This film has a lot of nose-bleeding - a mainly Asian comic trait when men see sexy women. Here two female cops are in leotards participating in the Shinai Sobu Fitness Club and every man on the force is peeking and bleeding. That sort of humor. Perhaps funnier is when the Captain takes a Polaroid crotch shot of a dead women and shows it around. Or when a man with a prostitute tells her that he bets her milk tastes better than his mother's. Or maybe not. Depends on your sense of humor.

The female boss of our two nitwit partners tells them that they should form a secret police group to fight crime because the men will give them no chance. Their first case is underwear being stolen when hung outside (this is easily stopped by putting a photo of her along with it) - nothing to get excited about but this ends up leading to murder and a prostitution organization that they want to bring down - with leotards and hoola-hoops. This is up on YouTube and all that I have described is on it. Once again Miike seems to have avoided the censor. Not a good film but we all have to start somewhere. It was straight to video.