1985 - 2001

Note to Readers: Many of the pictures within this section do not necessarily correspond to the text. They are more to impart a sense of the deep-rooted prevalence of tough female roles in Hong Kong film  - a prevalence which has touched every genre and has included nearly every actress at some point. It is unlike any other cinema in the world.

Righting Wrongs
From Aesthetic Violence to an Aesthetic of Violence
From Angel to Martial Angels
Recurrent Themes
Live by the Fist, Die by the Gun: Triads and Heroic Bloodshed
Yes Madam: Law and Order
On the Run: Fugitive Dramas
Against the World: Assassins and Contract Killers
Beyond the Pale: Serial Killers
Just Desserts: Vengeance
Groups and Collectives: Uniforms
Closing Comments