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Asian Film News Sites


This site stays up on all the stuff coming out in theaters and dvd - with an emphasis on the fantastic

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Asian Film Resource Sites

Ryan's Hong Kong Movie Data Base
This is the bible of up to date information on HK films and a ton more

Internet Movie Data Base
Their listing of Asian films has improved dramatically over the past few years

Box Office Mojo
The Box Office numbers around the world

Asian Film Forums

Mobius Home Video Forum

Love Hong Kong Forum

DVD Maniacs - Asian Board

BollyWhat Forum

Asian Film Review Sites

Subway Cinema
Though this is the site for the Best Asian Film Festival in the world, it also has many film reviews

Love HK Film
Excellent site with many terrific reviews of recent films and a friendly forum.

So Good
A HK movie review site from Sweden that has a nice selection of films and seems to be growing quickly and also gives some DVD information.

Love and Bullets
A very snazzy looking site that covers HK DVDs.

The Illuminated Lantern
An absolutely terrific, informative and well thought out web site unlike any other around

Love Asian Film
There is news, articles and reviews on this site by way of Malaysia

Hong Kong Express
This site is written in Italian but looks to be very interesting with a number of pictures.

This site is a combination of French and English and contains a lot of information on Hong Kong films as well as other films from around Asia.

Kung Fu Cinema
Great site in regards to content and design that covers action films from both Hong Kong and Japan.

HK Film Net
HK Reviews with interesting factoids and a load of other good stuff.

City on Fire
Stylish web page with many reviews and other HK related things.

Shelly Kraicer’s Chinese Cinema Page
Very perceptive reviews of Chinese and HK art films

Far East Films
Information on HK films and reviews

Heroic Cinema
Humorous and informative HK movie information from Australia.

Asian Cinema Drifter
This site takes a pan-Asian look at film with many reviews

Asian Cinema
Two guys from Denmark have put together this excellent site on Asian films

This site has reviews, interviews and other good stuff

Eastern Kicks
Nicely designed site with lots of good reviews

Alex in Wonderland
This site covers a lot of interesting territory - but this link will take you only to the Asian film reviews

Darcy's Korean Film Page
One of the best sites to cover Korean cinema

Midnight Eye
The best site that covers Japanese films on the Internet

There are a whole bunch of reviews of recent and older Japanese films along with other items of interest

SciFi Japan
News and Reviews on Japanese scifi films

Molodezhnaja Thai Style
The Thai film reviews are in German - but the titles are in English and a star rating is given

All About Thai Cinema
This site has been put together by some native Thai's but has both English and Thai sections

Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal
This fellow is living in Thailand and is kind enough to keep an up to date site on Thai films

Elevating discourse on South East Asian Cinema

Other Film Sites/Blogs

Girls with Guns
The world of Girls with Guns - many reviews of these types of films from all over

Video Watchdog
From the creator of my favorite film magazine comes a terrific blog as well

Hell on Frisco Bay
Often with a focus on films appearing in San Francisco, this blog covers a wide gamut of genres

The Evening Class
There seems to be a tilt towards Asian films here, but anything is up for grabs on this very excellent blog

Teleport City

Die Danger, Die, Die, Kill

Bollywood Film Sites

Planet Bollywood


Planet Bollybob


Philip's fil-ums

So They Danced

Aspi's Drift

Filmi Geek

Memsaab Story

Asian Film Star Sites

Alan Tang Site

Angela Mao with links to Chia Ling, Kitty Meng and other female kung fu fighters

Chow Yun Fat - Realvideo Interview Archive

Connie Chan: Movie Fan Princess

Michelle Yeoh Web Theater

Moon Lee - Brilliant Moon