Candy Rain

Director: Hung-I Chen
Year: 2008
Rating: 5.5
Country: Taiwan

Lesbianism has never looked so damn cute before. Sign me up. You may have heard of lipstick lesbianism, but this is more like Hello Kitty lesbianism - soft, fluffy and very sellable. Once this film begins making the rounds of the gay film festivals, I expect there will be a mass migration of lesbians to Taipei. Maybe Kawaii lesbianism? The film tells the stories of four lesbian couples and every one of them is so adorable you want to adopt them and pet them. No butch lesbians need apply. Filled with bright colors and a fabulous soundtrack of Chinese pop songs (Faye singing a few of them), the film is always visually attractive and easy on the eyes - but it doesn't have much punch to it or really have much to say other than lesbians are as sweet as candy - and have great sex. Maybe that's enough.

In the first story two girls come to Taipei and have a few relationship problems but their love (and great sex) keeps them together. In the second tale a nerdish lesbian sets up a blind date on the Internet and it turns out to be an older sophisticated (very hot) woman who is looking for love (and great sex). The third story (and the best by far) begins with loud moans - yes more great sex - between two women in love - but one of them has decided that she has to make her family happy by marrying - but promises her friend to come back to her in ten years. She doesn't make it even half that long before she has to return - remember the great sex. The final piece is a bit too cartoony for its own good - the character played by Karena Lam is a playgirl of sorts who whimsically goes from lover to lover leaving broken hearts behind and often getting beaten up for her troubles (all done in sweet comic style). Enjoyable for the visuals, its cuteness and an introduction to some young new actresses - but kind of lightweight. Happy to have seen it though.

Written in 03/2008