Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days


Director:  Cristian Mungiu
Year: 2007
Rating: 8.5
Country: Romania

Horror comes in all forms. Here it is presented in a spiritually barren world where the banality and indifference of society is more frightening than anything that comes in the form of the supernatural because it feels all too real, all too possible. Set in communist Romania in 1987 the title refers to the length of the life of the baby that Gabita is carrying. She is a university student and along with her loyal friend Otilia, they have made plans to abort it. This is a red cruel slice of life as it depicts one brutal frantic day in their lives in perhaps more realistic fashion than many of us can stomach. This is a dysfunctional society where everything is up for barter – either in the black market or under the table with bribes. Or with sex. With Gabita in a helpless state, Otilia sets about organizing everything from borrowing the money, to reserving a hotel room to contacting the illegal abortionist. Using primarily a handheld camera the director gives everything a sense of urgency, a sense of instability, a sense of loss. It is often hard to watch because it is presented so matter of factly with not an ounce of compassion - yet with understanding. It is also very nonjudgmental about a very sensitive subject that will make some squirm. Truly gut wrenching and startlingly powerful, it will stick to you long after Otilia’s final exhausted stare into the camera has faded away.