Marc Mato, Agente S 077

Director: Gregg Tallas
Year: 1965
Rating: 6.0
Country: Spain

Aka Espionage in Tangiers

One of the pleasures of the Eurospy films of the 1960's is simply the location shooting all over the world. This one is divided between Tangiers and Nice and these locations are lovely as are the actresses who have central roles in this film as villainesses. There are fisticuffs throughout the film as our hero beats up minion after minion. You might wonder why none of the bad guys carry guns in these tussles. But then that would be cheating.

Agent 077 as is the usual rule in these spy films is interrupted seducing a purring woman when he is called to duty. A scientist has invented a death ray that makes things simply vanish. He pronounces that this is the most dangerous weapon in the world and then casually leaves it on a table where it is soon stolen to be sold to the highest bidder. In Tangiers. Our Man in Tangiers has various attempts on his life but that doesn't interfere with his attempts to woo the women (Argentinian actress Perla Cristal and Ana Castor) who want the death ray as well - and are only too willing to use their female charms to get it. Full of great cars, TV communications, hidden doors, flooding rooms, a little torture and beautiful women this is a decent Eurospy film.

What keeps it only decent though is Agent 077 played by the very irritating Luis Davila also from Argentina. Now he is good looking enough but the kind of good looking guy who knows it and flaunts it with constant preening at the camera. He later went on to star in loads of TV novelas which is probably where he belonged. Now to be fair, I watched a dubbed version and whoever did the voice didn't do Davila any favors. If Sean Connery had dubbed this it would have been so much better.