Espionage in Lisbon


Director: Federico Aicardi
Year: 1965
Rating: 4.0
Country: Euro

Aka 007 - Mission Lisbon

I have seen a few Eurospy films and though most of them are rather shoddy affairs they are also quite fun with their absurd plotlines, attractive women and a smattering of just crazy stuff. This one was just plain boring and the fights were as convincing as a three year old reciting Hamlet. But I did enjoy the location shooting in Lisbon. Have to get there some day.

Both the USA and Russia have a weapon that can blind an entire nation, but a scientist has discovered a way to block it and wants to sell it to the good guys. That would be us in 1965. So they send Agent 077 to get to the scientist and retrieve it. The bad guys headed by Fernando Rey and his pretty helper with about a hundred minions are out to get it too. And this leads to a lot of fistfights when 007 isn't chasing after everything in a skirt. 007 played by Brett Halsey basically smirks his way through the film and doesn't do anything till the one hour mark. Rey would of course go on to The French Connection and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoise while Halsey who had had a TV series called Follow the Sun would do a lot more acting in Europe. This was basically a stinker.