The Deathless Devil

Director:  Yilmaz Atadeniz
Year:  1972
Rating: 6.0

Country: Turkey

Aka - Yilmayan Seytan (satan - your Turkish word for today)

I continue my very short exploration of Turkish genre films from the 1970s - short because I only have a few more and will save those for another day. This one was cheap and fun like a Jersey girl you picked up on the Asbury boardwalk - it is like a 15 chapter action serial being squeezed down to 84 minutes of non-stop nonsense. Like those old fashioned serials it is filled with everything they could cheaply make to throw at the audience. A super hero in a Salvation Army Bargain Bin  outfit, an evil mastermind with a Fu Manchu moustache that you just hope someone will pull, a sexy devious femme fatale, deadly sharp throwing cards, secret inventions, dropping from one airplane onto another and walking on top, jumping onto a train, poisoned darts, incompetent henchmen, a killer robot they stole from that old Superman episode and perhaps the worst comic relief friend ever in the history of movies. I will never complain about B film comic relief ever again. They are Shakespeare compared to this.

Tekin (Kunt Tukgar) is told by his father that in fact he is not his father and his real father was the famous super hero Copperhead who fought for justice only using his fists. He was killed by Dr. Satan - maybe because he only used his fists. Now his father tells him it is your turn and hands over Copperhead's uniform and mask to him. One look at that outfit and I would be no thanks. A copper bag with holes cut out, black pants and shirt accompanied with a red belt and red handkerchief around his neck. He doesn't so much beat up his enemies as make them break out laughing. And almost immediately a Dr, Satan henchman shows up and kills the cute secretary and then the father. And when Copperhead returns he punches this minion so hard that he is suddenly on the roof and then punches him again so hard they are back in the office. Nice work editor.

And almost without pause Copperhead and the Dr. Satan gang are going at one another and no one ever seems to die. It seems like everyone is captured and escapes at some point. Copperhead or his real identity Tekin is so committed to justice that he seduces and sleeps with Dr. Satan's moll and seems to quite enjoy it. Anything to bring the villains to justice though I think he smartly doesn't mention this to his fiancé. The Dr's plan is to build an army of robots to take over the world. He may need more than six men to do that but you have to start somewhere.  This was a throw on I think to the Tarkan versus the Vikings DVD and the picture is a little rough but it is totally dumb fun. I think Kunt Tukgar probably needed a name change if he wanted to make it into Hollywood but he makes a fine handsome super hero with or without the mask.